Thursday, October 28, 2010

The D.I.

So today we went to the D.I. to use some spare time before Ashlynn had to work.  We were talking about how we needed a carry on that was meant for hang up clothes and found a pretty nice one for $5!  We were pretty excited!!  Then we went looking through books and came to find out that we both wanted a HUGE collection which was pretty cool to learn about each other.  So we started getting tons of books.  Sad part...  we realized we were poor so we ended up putting all of them back except a Nicholas Sparks one for $.50 (Ashlynn wants that collection pretty bad!) and a GIGANTIC family King James Version Bible for $12!  Couldn't let go of those deals!    Sum of the story...  The D.I. is AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Starting our life together!!!

Ashlynn and I are engaged!!! On October the 22nd, I popped the question! It was the most amazing night of our lives! I didn't do anything super fancy, just something simple and nice. I cannot lie I was so nervous! But in the end she said yes!!! I took her out to dinner at a nice sushi place (one of our favorite foods), and then took her for a walk through the gardens on campus. When we got to a little gazebo, I asked her to sit down and when she turned around I was on my knee and I asked her to be my wife! Most amazing moment of my life to date! From that point on things have just fallen into place for us. Everything is working out so well! We are getting married in Nauvoo, Illinois on December 21, 2010.

The weather here has been really cold and windy, but we somehow managed to get our engagement pictures taken! We had a lot of help from Heavenly Father on that one! When we went out to take pictures the first time, it was snowing and sooooo cold!!! We said a prayer that the wind and snow would stop so that we could get our pictures taken and sure enough, the wind stopped and the snow stopped as well! AMAZING!!! We went out to shoot some more pictures the next day and it was just beautiful! It was sunny and clear, cold but thats alright, and we were able to take some more pictures. 

Everything is coming together for our wedding! Our parents are being very supportive, and we are having so much fun going through this process! We are both so excited! We cannot wait for the 21st of December to get here! 

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