Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life for us lately...

Last weekend we drove down to Utah and bought Ashlynn's wedding dress!!  She really loves it and it ended up being just like one she tried on in the store but so much cheaper.  Still need to get Michael a tux.  We also made a guess book at which was a lot of fun to make and everyone just signs around our pictures!  We had free shipping so it wasn't too bad for such a unique book.

We also have booked our honeymoon and got a really great deal on it!  Check it out  .  Needless to say, we are VERY excited about that!

All of our plane tickets are finally bought and we're just waiting for the 40 days to hurry up and get here.  School is still going really well for both of us.

Today Michael got his wedding ring in the mail so Ashlynn decided to be a dork and propose to him at the duck pond which was pretty funny!!  Who would of ever thought she'd turn in to a mooshy-gooshy lovie-dobie girl???  Guess it takes the right guy!

We also got to see Collin Raye in concert this past weekend and he was awesome!  We don't think we don't think we've ever heard someone say that you so many times in one concert!  He sang "That's my story and I'm sticking to it" and "If you get there before I do".  We were surprised we knew as many songs as we did since he was huge in the 90s when we were kids.

It started snowing here!  A TON!  Which Michael is very excited about but Ashlynn on the other hand... not so much hehe! 

Here is Michael chowing down on some lifesavers!  He put this whole box in his mouth!!!  Crazy kid :)

And Cali's cute lil baby Parker!!  We just love her and Gid the kid so much!!!  

Eating at Olive Garden as our celebration of being engaged...

Yummy Shirley Temples!!   CHEERS :)

We are still the VERY happily engaged couple!!