Monday, December 13, 2010

1 more week!!

So we LOVE freckled lemonade from Red Robin and stopped by just to get some!!!

YUM :)

Isn't he just so good??  hehe

When we do decide to have a baby, he is going to be such an AWESOME dad!!

Baby Parker :)  So dang cute!!

We get MARRIED a week from tomorrow so this is our last week!!  We have those wonderful things called finals this week which Ashlynn is DREADING!  Everything is going really well and we just get more excited every day!  We both can't wait to meet each other's families.  We hope the weather will stay good so that we can make all of our flights on time with no lay-overs so cross your fingers for us :)  Hope everyone's holidays are going good!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

19 days left!!

For Thanksgiving we spent the week with the Cunninghams and painted our room although it isn't finished just yet.

Ashlynn may have ended up painting I love you on Michael!

Our closet wall Ashlynn decorated.

Happy Thanksgiving from us!!

During the break we got to babysit Cali's beautiful baby Parker!  She was sealed and blessed over this past weekend!!  Ashlynn and her slept like that the whole day practically!

Such a cute baby girl!!

Michael was trying to help this lady get out of the snow drift but the plow ended up pulling her out.

I sat in the nice and warm car!  Excuse the uglyness because I had no make-up on!


The Cunninghams have the CUTEST kitten!!  Her name is Rascal and we just love her!!

Well as for everything else we are still VERY happy and yes we're still getting married!  We can't wait and these 19 days aren't getting here fast enough.  Life is good...