Saturday, December 17, 2011


It has roughly been 7 years since our last family portrait.  Will, Michael, Kelton, Paige, Brynlee, & Adilynn have been added to our growing family!  So glad we got a family portrait finally :)

Our first family portrait.  We had to wait almost an hour to get pictures done because they forgot to check us in so needless to say, Addi was ready to eat and take a nap.  But hey, all that matters is we have one right?

I guess she decided to be happy in this one!  We absolutely love this beautiful little girl!  She keeps our life very interesting.  We seriously never have a dull moment.  And she always brightens this mommy's day with this cute little smile.

Really adorable story!  So Michael had a really rough day and he was telling Addi about what he was concerned about and how he hoped he would be able to take care of us and it was so sad to hear how upset he was.  Well anyways, Addi looks up at her daddy and gives him a big slobbery smile and to just watch Michael feel relieved because he at least knew his baby girl was happy was the sweetest thing!  I love when I drive and Michael sits in the back with her and just stares at her with the biggest smile and I see him in the rear view mirror.  I love how in love he is with her!  

Monday, December 12, 2011

3 months!

This month has FLOWN by!  Actually ever since Addi was born, time has flown by!  She can seriously make any of our bad days, good.  Just by that beautiful little smile of hers!  She is holding her head up like a champ!  I love waking her up from a nap and saying her name and that little head pops up and smiles at me!  She's such a cutie pie!  She has rolled over a few times but we always seem to walk out of the room and come back and she goes from her belly to her back.  She still loves her swing!  She has outgrown a few newborn outfits but she can still wear some of them.  She loves bath time but hates when we get her out of the bath.  She is very emotional and if you make growling noises in her face she freaks out.  She doesn't like when you do "Simba" (the pose off the Lion King) or bounce her in the air.  She is constantly wanting to grab and hold on to things so we think that's why she hates it.  She talks all the time when she's awake and in a good mood!  Anyway, we are really enjoying having her around and we never have a dull moment with her :)

Weird fact about Addi:  Her feet still haven't grown since she was born.  Yep, you read that right.  My daughter still can't fit in all the cute shoes her Nana & Aunt T have got her!  haha!

Looks just like her daddy!


When we found out we were having a girl we went shopping that day and Michael had to buy her this robe!  It says 100% princess on the side and has a crown on the hood!

 Gotta have some naked pictures!

Somewhat looks like her mama :)

 Love my beautiful baby!!!

Family pics!  (Still working on that nasty baby fat!!)

She's always sucking on her index finger!!  It's pretty cute ;)

Skyping with Grandma & Grandpa!!  She was talking right back to grandma!

Getting her ears pierced.

She only cried for maybe 5 mins.  She was a champ!

This is the new smile!  She opens her whole mouth up wide open.  It cracks us up!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Addi's Blessing/Update!

Sleeping with Aunt T while bowling!

Bowling night with my family for my dad's birthday :)

She LOVES her daddy!

Addi loved her Grandpa coming to visit!

So cute!!

 Addi's Blessing Day!


Brynlee loves her cousin

All the men :)  (we did it on Turkey Day at my parent's home and we forgot to remind everyone to bring dress clothes!!)

Aunt Shanny took pictures for us!

Our growing family (in the past 8 years!)  One grandbaby has been more every month from June-October (not all in the same year of course.)  Cool huh??

They are cuties!!

We had a blast fishing for our dinner one of the nights!

Thanksgiving day was a BLAST!  My whole family got together plus Michael's sis and dad and we had a fish fry and blessed baby Addi on Turkey Day!  She was blessed in the same dress that I was which is pretty neat :)  I'm still working on getting pictures of her one day in the pretty dress but I haven't got around to making time for that just yet.  
Tab and I went Black Friday shopping at CVS & Walgreens at midnight on Wednesday (her and my sis Shan went to lots of other places but I chose to sleep.)  We walked out of CVS making money with lots of free stuff which was the first for me!  I went back and got Michael and his dad Snuggies for Christmas with it lol.  
Addi has been the BEST little baby we could possibly ask for!  She's a handful and can't sit in one place more than a few minutes without flipping out and wanting to move around!  But she loves sitting in her swing in front of Christmas lights as long as someone is in the room.  So that works for us!  She is hilarious though!  She's so happy and we just fall more in love with her everyday :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adilynn is 2 Months Old!!

Adilynn can now hold her head up really well for about 5 minutes and will take a short break and go back to holding it up!  The doctor said she was really strong for her age!  She now weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces.  She's talking a lot now and will smile at you if you talk to her!  We got her ears pierced and she looks so stinkin cute!  She only cried for a lil bit and then was fine.  She rolled over for the first time 2 weeks ago but hasn't done it again so we're waiting on her to do it again!  She freaked out and cried when it happened.  She sleeps from 12 am - 7 am and then I feed her and we go back to sleep until 12 pm or 1 pm and she's awake from then on until 5-6 and takes a short nap and then is awake until 12 am.  I sometimes take a nap with her.  She is a bed HOG!  I lay her on her back on the complete opposite side of the bed and will wake up with her laying on her side as snuggled up to my chest as she can get!!  So I don't mind hanging off the bed when she's cuddling with me =)  

She has GERD and has been really hard to make happy but the past 3-4 weeks she has gotten A LOT better!!  We have fallen totally, completely in love with our baby girl!!  Instead of us fighting over who had to deal with her screaming her head off, we fight over who gets to hold her!  We are glad she is finally starting to get better!  I can only imagine what kind of pain she was in.  So sad to watch your baby scream cry and be in tears and you are both completely helpless on what to do to fix it.

We both think she looks just like me in this picture!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It seems like lately, I've come to really realize (even though I thought I had) how important family is.  I'm so thankful to be in Florida surrounded by loving family and how I always took that time for granted growing up and now that I live so far away, it's nice to come home and have all this support I don't have up there.  Life is so short and I'm thankful for them.  I guess now that I have my own family, it means so much more to me!  I witnessed the aftermath of a wreck and all I could think about was what if that was one of my loved ones?  How would they remember me?  Did they know I loved them?  I especially think of Michael and Addi.  Did I tell them I love them enough?  Did I kiss them enough?  Do I have countless memories I can look back on and smile?  Did I make their day brighter not duller?  All these questions ran through my mind and I realize how lucky I really am.  I have people to worry about and I'm sure think the same thing at times.  How lucky is that?  I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which means my family is eternal.  This past December it grew :)  I have such a wonderful in-law family too!

I'm so thankful for my eternal Father who made such a wonderful plan and that I know these aren't the last sentimental moments I'll have with my family.  I have eternity to continue having these moments :)  I read a quote that stated: "Love the people in your life because one day, He will need them back."  Yes, God will need us all back one day because there is still tons of work left on the other side.  I want to make sure on that day, it's a happy day, it's a day when everyone on the other side greets me with a smile and is very proud of me, it's the day when God says, "Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter into My Kingdom."  Although I can't wait for that day, I am also enjoying all the sentimental moments I have in this mortal life.  Another year has almost passed and this year (well last Dec 21st) I started my own family and had a beautiful baby girl on September 11 :)  I am so very blessed and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for them.  They make my life hectic, stressful, beautiful but most of all, lucky :)

The End.

P.S. It's 4 AM and I'm up with that beautiful baby girl even though I'd much rather be asleep with that handsome man upstairs but it's ok!!  She's so cute and I just love her little self oh so much!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lounging Around!!

Like I said, she literally can sleep anywhere & anyway!!

Priceless picture!!!

A baby really tests your marriage and makes you realize if you really are meant for each other!  We've come to realize, we're truly in it for the long haul :)

No... we are not driving so don't freak out because there is no seat belt!  I had to get a picture of her cute outfit before we buckled her up and got her in the car :)

How can you not just fall in love with that face????

Happy Halloween!

I was wondering what I was going to do for Addi's halloween costume and at my baby shower my mom got her a onesie that says "Princess in Training" and my sis Shannon made her a tutu that happened to be the same colors as a onesie so baby Addi is a princess!  I still need to take better pictures of her though!!

Wednesday night my home ward did a fall festival so Michael dressed up as a Jaguar fan and I went as a big baby along with my lil sis!  So we were twin big babies!!  (secretly I've wanted a footsie pj outfit for YEARS!  but they were always so expensive and they finally sale them at wal-mart and needless to say I was as excited as a kid at Christmas!!  yes i know, I'll secretly always be a kid at heart :)  )

I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world<3

YES, they even had feet :)  YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!

My lil sis and I are starting to get really close and I absolutely love getting to know her more!


1 Month Old!!

Our families didn't lie when they told us that our lives would completely change and that having alone time would be something you had to make time for!  But we couldn't love it anymore than we do :)  Yes, things have been crazy and we had no idea what we were getting in to, but after a month, we have come to figure this whole parent thing out.

Adilynn has GERD which has been really hard to adjust to since she was such a perfect little baby the first 2-3 weeks.  Then all the sudden it was crying ALL THE TIME!  She was one of those babies you couldn't wait to give back to their mom but I am her mom so I couldn't pass her on ;)  She has gotten a whole lot better the past few days and we've really started to enjoy her.  She looks up at us and smiles and it just melts our hearts!!  She talks to us a lot and we think she's going to have such a cute voice!  We just love watching her facial expressions and all the cute little things she does! 

Adilynn can now hold her head up by herself for a couple of minutes!  She can't be still for even a second.  Even when i feed her she's either rubbing me with her hand or her little feet are rubbing me and she flexes those Smallwood toes out!  She cracks me up!  She's also starting to fight her sleep sometimes because I guess staring at lights is better than sleep.  She sleeps about 6 hours through the night every couple of days which is so nice for Michael and I!  A swing would benefit us but none of the people we try to buy one from on Craigslist has worked out.  We learned to hold her in a new way and she seems to really love it!  Pics of Michael holding her that way soon :)  She slobbers all over him but she'll even sleep when he holds her that way!  It's a good work out too because my arm is sore today from holding her that way for a half hour yesterday (get exercise anyway you can right??)   I walk while holding her so I get an arm workout as well as a leg workout!  

We just love her big yawns!

Her hats are still a little big for her head but she's sooo CUTE!

She can sleep in the most uncomfortable positions!!!

Waiting for our cousin Rand to get off the plane from serving his 2 year mission!

Addi giving daddy kisses :)

Haha her cute toes!!

Tired parents...

Addi sucking her thumb for the first time(since the hosptial)!!!

Our little angel is getting big already :)  We're enjoying her because she's the only baby coming from us!!  (at least we say that now hehe)