Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1 month!!

WoW how time flies!!  It seems like just yesterday we started dating which in a way is kind of true since we've only known each other for about 5 months!  haha!  Well we still haven't got in our first argument which we're not complaining!  Life is going really smooth for us and school is good so far.  We've both made goals to hit the gym everyday!  So far Michael has done a good job but me on the other hand...  not so much!  Hopefully soon when I feel better...  Living together hasn't been too difficult since we are both so laid back and don't let much bother us.  It's little funny things we have to have.  For example, the toilet paper has to come from above not below for Michael.  Luckily, this is something I don't care about!  Oh and I only like flat pillows with a few feathers which makes the bed uneven which Michael had to get use to.  Nothing we've actually found that has bugged us too terribly!  We bought our first TV with wedding money and LOVE IT!!  It's nice to spend the weekend laid up in bed cuddling :)  Our ward is really awesome too!  We are just overly blessed with everything right now and hope it continues that way!  So far, so good :)  We are most definitely counting our many blessings!!  Thanks to everyone for the wedding gifts and starting us out on the right foot!!

This was right after we were sealed for all time and eternity!  Definitely the best day of our lives :)

Here are a few of my favorites that my cousin took of us at my wedding reception and my sister (who is amazing) edited them for us :)

Cute little ideas we came up with and my sister put them all together!!

Probably my FAV!!

This was the bridal shower my wonderful sisters did for me!!  It was so fun!

This is from the Missouri reception!  Our first dance as husband and wife!

My other favorite!!  I have a lot of those!!

Funny story behind this picture.  This is actually a deer stand and I was dying to get a picture that was like this and Michael was too scared to get on it because it was wabbly so I climb up there with my determination to get this picture!!  I love it and it was definitely worth it!!

This is inspired from Taylor Swift's song Mine.  

Just love this one!!

& of course I can't forget my puppy Riley!!  Michael was a softy for him and let him sleep in the bed with us the whole time we were in FL!  I miss my dog but eventually we'll bring him home with us!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

3 1/2 weeks later!!!

Man how time flies when you stay busy!! It seems like yesterday that Ashlynn and I were married, but its been almost 23 days since the 21st of December. Our lives have been super crazy since then. We have been to Indiana twice, Florida for a week, and now we are in school.
After we were married, we spent the night in a little cabin in Nauvoo, Illinois. The next day we went back to Missouri where we had the first of our two receptions. It was a wonderful night! My mom did a great job with the decorating and set up of the building. That very next day we had a Christmas celebration with moms side of the family, and then left for Indiana. We were there for about 3 days. We celebrated with dads side of the family, and visited Grandpa Ernie in the hospital.
A couple of days later, we hopped on a plane and flew to Florida to visit Ashlynn's family, and to have our second reception. Florida was great!! The weather was amazing, and so was our reception. Ashlynn's mom did a great job on this reception as well. We had nothing to complain about. Everyone was so awesome!!

After our reception, we went and spent two days in Ponte Vedra, FL in a really nice Marriott resort, thanks to Ashlynn's dad!! It was easily the nicest place that we have ever stayed at in our lives!! Thanks dad!!!

After we left our "honeymoon," we flew back to Idaho for school. By the time that we got to Salt Lake City, Grandpa Ernie had passed away. Grandma Mary really wanted both of us there for the funeral, so she bought us plane tickets to Indianapolis. This is how we spent this last weekend. At a funeral and with my family. It is really hard to say goodbye to someone that you love, but you know that it is for the better. Grandma Mary had all of the grandsons act as pallbearers. It was a very sad but very good weekend. That pretty much brings us up to date on where we are now.

We are back in Idaho, going to school full time and enjoying our new life together!!!