Thursday, March 24, 2011

13 Weeks!

Update on the baby...
So the nausea is finally starting to die down a lot.  I only have 1 or 2 bad days a week which isn't near as bad as all day, every day!  I hope it eventually all goes away and I can just somewhat enjoy being pregnant!!  I still haven't gained any weight but when I eat, it swells up bigger than my pelvic bones so I kinda look prego.  haha!  We have a doctor apt next Thursday just to make sure everything is going good with the baby.  I've been super tender and sometimes just lifting my back pack up makes me feel like I pulled a muscle.  Even stretching does it to me.  Scares the junk outta me every time!  I don't think I'll ever get use to that feeling.  I will NEVER get use to having to pee all the time.  If I even want to have a chance at sleeping through the night, I have to stay up until midnight so I can pee one last time and even then I sometimes wake up to pee.  If I go to bed earlier than that, I at least get up twice.  Can't believe that I have to pee this much at only 13 weeks!

Update on us...
Michael & I are getting our own apartment in April and moving in between the 11 & 12th.  Michael's lil brother John may be coming to stay a month with us and we're pretty excited to have him come up and enjoy this snowy, freezing cold weather haha!!  We have 2 weeks of school left before this semester ends and can't wait!  Next weekend we're going to stay with the Warrens in Utah and can't wait to see them because it's been a long while.  That's pretty much it for us!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

10 Weeks!!!

Today we had a doctor appointment and they weren't going to do an ultrasound but we asked them to because of course we want to see our little baby!!!  The heart rate was 172 bpm and he/she is now 2 inches long YAY!!  We're both getting more and more excited as the time moves along :)

YAY!!  He/she looks like a baby now!!

I'm not really showing yet but here's me at 10 weeks :)  (When they weighed me today, I still weighed the same.)

As for the pregnancy stuff.  I've been doing better with nausea.  As long as I eat something about every 2 hours, I am usually ok.  Although a granola bar isn't enough.  It's like I need 20 small meals a day which a broke college student can't really afford.  I still use Zofran every few days but it's not twice a day like it was in the beginning (THANK GOODNESS!)  I could swear I felt the baby move a few nights ago.  All the sudden my lower abdomen felt like it had bubbles on in it right in the middle and for like 30 seconds it went crazy!  Not sure what it was but I think I felt he/she lol!!  I have also felt like I pulled a muscle in my abdomen and I have to be careful when I roll around in my sleep because it'll wake me up if I stay in the position and my muscle (or whatever it is) feels like it's gonna POP!  It sometimes just feels sore in my abdomen for no reason.  Weirdest thing but doc said was normal.  If I get bloated you can kinda tell I'm prego because it swells up but not much.  It's really neat to think something is growing inside of me but hasn't really hit me yet.  So cross your fingers things will continue to go great :)