Thursday, April 28, 2011

18 Weeks!!

I'm getting a big ole' baby bump!!  Well... at least that day!  I go from not being able to tell I'm pregnant, to this quite often!  We find out the gender this coming up week and cannot wait!  I've already started the serious heartburn and even eating 3 Tums doesn't take the edge off.  But I can't complain since I have a lot more good days then bad days now.  I don't feel the baby move a ton yet.  A few days ago I sneezed and I think it scared them because all through class they were moving everywhere!!  I get little nudges throughout the day but nothing really steady yet.  It'll be really cool when that happens though :)

As for us, we started a new semester and have been a little bit stressed because the internet in our apartment is broken so it's super inconvenient to have to come back to campus when we need the internet.  Hopefully it gets fixed soon!  Michael got a job on campus and really enjoys it.  He's lost some weight (he gets really excited about it) since he works and I make us both eat really healthy now!  I still haven't officially gained a pound yet but I'm sure those moments are coming soon.  We love our new apartment and there is pictures on facebook if you want to see them.  We still have some stuff to unpack but who knows when we'll get around to it!  Hope everything is going good with everyone else...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

15 Weeks!!

Hey everyone!  Things have been super crazy with us recently!!  We're finishing up all of our classes this semester and we're fixing to move next Tuesday :)  On April 22nd it'll be our 6 month engagement anniversary!!  Time flies by so fast!  

Well the baby gave us a really BIG scare last Sunday.  I started bleeding a lot and we ran to the ER but everything looked fine.  Thursday we had a check up and they still had a heart beat of 159 bpm.  We also made a doc appointment to find out the gender for May 5th so that'll be the next post!  We're so STOKED!  We can't wait for next month!!  On the mama part.  I still get a little bit nauseated but very seldom (well compared to 24/7.)  If I sit really scrunched up, all the sudden the nerves in my pelvic area start hurting but it only happens if I have tight pants on.  So I assume the baby is probably kicking the crap out of me telling me they aren't comfortable.  Not really sure...  That's about it on the update!

So cute all curled up in there!!

I made a homemade boppy pillow which was a ton of fun!  Yes, I did sew separate strips together!  I fell in love with the fabric when I saw it!

Michael is already in love with it so hopefully the baby will take after their daddy!  Well not on the big dork part hehe ;)

I also made my first rag quilt and couldn't decide what I wanted to do until I found the princess fabric and then I thought of my little niece Paige and got so excited to make her one!  I also found a princess book at DI so hopefully she'll love our birthday present to her.  It didn't take as long as I expected.  I love it though!!!

Thought this was just too cute :)