Saturday, May 28, 2011

Emma's Room!

So today Michael & I spent it making some of Emma's stuff!  I really wanted pink and brown zebra but all of the crib bedding was at least $150 which I refuse to spend!  We still plan on making more.  Michael is making her a rag quilt and I am making a diaper stacker to add a little more zebra to the room.


Turned out even cuter than I thought it was going to :)  The lighting in the room really stinks but it's pink solid fabric and then pink and brown zebra.  Should've taken pictures when the sun was still out!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

21 Weeks!

It's pretty crazy to believe that we are over half way from being able to meet EmmaKay!!  I've been able to feel her move a ton lately and Michael is so ready to be able to feel her but she's not big enough or strong enough to move around to where you can feel it on the outside!  I'm sure it will be a very exciting day when he can :)  He loves to kiss my belly and tell Emma all the time how much he loves her and it's the cutest little thing.  He also loves to stick his ear to my tummy and say things like, "Emma said you need to eat more asparagus." Michael is so ready to be a daddy and it makes being pregnant that much more fun!  Crazy to think that about 6 months ago I was at the "no way I'm having a baby any time soon" mode and in a few more months I will be having a baby girl!!  I've now gained 4 pounds but my belly is HUGE!!  Well at least on the days when I'm super nauseated or just feel really bloated!  I only take pictures when I'm like that because I look really pregnant!!  haha!  I'm pretty sure I will be carrying her extremely high these last few months because well... you can tell by the picture.  The top of my uterus is about an inch above my belly button and the average woman's is suppose to be right at or a little bit below the belly button.  My ribs will definitely be loving her little fit kicking them but I still have some time before that starts happening ;)

We have 10 weeks of school left in this semester and I'm ready to press the fast forward button and get it over with!  I'm pretty sure Michael is at the same point.  But we are still loving life and so glad the summer has finally arrived.  We took a 3 hour walk the other day and had fun!

Oh and my sister Tab went shopping for Emma and got her 2 garbage bags of clothes which I can't wait to see!!  I'm so glad she loves shopping for her because everything is so expensive up here!  

Michael & I went garage selling this weekend and got her some stuff!!  Needless to say, she's so spoiled already!!  But I am gonna have 1 stylish baby girl :)

This is her outfit when she comes home from the hospital!!  I love yellow polka dots :)

And in case it's cold, she has a sweater to go over it!!

My parents bought us a stroller and car seat travel system that's so cute!!

There was a all clothes 25 cent sale at this store this weekend!!  Needless to say, Emma has plenty of newborn clothes!!  We bought clothes all the way up to 24 months.  Who can turn down such a good deal??  48 things for 10.75!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

EmmaKay Louise!!!

So Tuesday we found out we are having a baby girl!!!  I was so scared going in there because I thought for sure the baby would be hiding so we wouldn't be able to find out.  But when she stuck the sonogram thing on my belly, her butt was right in there air with her legs spread wide open so we found out really quick!!  She was ready for us to know she was a baby girl :)  Emma had the hiccups the whole time we had the sonogram done so it was really cute to watch her little body spazz out every few seconds!  We went shopping right afterwards and got her a few things because we were stoked!!  Now it's just waiting for Sept 27th to get here!!!!

Here are some pictures of Emma:

It's a Smallwood gene to have a huge big toe that's a good 1/2 inch apart from the second toe!!  
The lady said, "Here's her little foot!  Woah her big toe goes really sideways!!"  I couldn't help but laugh :)  At least she'll be able to wear flip flops really easily hehe!!

Stretching out her legs!!

Flexing her arm muscle

We tried for about 5 minutes to get a picture of her face and this was the best we got!  She was hiding behind the placenta (which is weird you can't see through it since you can see through everything else).  So we were gonna get half of her face but you see that she is not very photogenic because she hid the other side with her hand!!  The lady was jabbing my belly trying to get her to move but of course she's already stubborn ;)

We have a healthy baby girl on the way :)

School is going good for us!  My favorite shaved ice place opened last weekend so Michael is looking forward to going to that place a lot ;) haha!!  Michael has hardly any clothes and there is this place in town that opened that was all Costco overstock for dirt cheap!  We got him 2 button up church shirts for $14!  It was crazy cheap :)  He also got two pairs of pants for $14.  He really needed some jeans since he works outside and I don't want him dirtying up his few pairs of good jeans!!  

We are getting really excited for the warm weather and hope that it hurries up so we can go on walks and stuff!!  Hope everyone is doing great :)