Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 more Weeks to go :)

Crazy that in 10 more weeks or so Michael and I will become parents!  We have one more week (well actually until next Wednesday) and we will be done with the semester.  YIPEE!!!  We are both so excited to get a long break and to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in Florida with family!  Michael is counting down the days until we are Florida bound.  He can't wait!  

I am getting to the point where I can't sleep anymore.  I absolutely hate just laying in bed and not being able to turn my brain off.  All I can do is picture labor and how absolutely terrified I am.  But pretty soon I'll be over it and have a beautiful baby girl in my hands and it'll all be worth it.  For now, I'll stay up cleaning the apartment haha!  Ash's little sister Cassidy is coming up to visit next weekend for a couple weeks and is going to EFY at BYU-I and we're excited to see her.  That's really our only summer plans. Well besides moving the end of this month and moving my cuz Brittanie in to her apartment and she's staying with us a few weeks too.

I have been calling my belly Emma ever since I can remember (yes, before we actually knew she was even a she!) and I had the random thought to name her Ella but at first, Michael did not like it at all.  So I blew it off and have kept calling her Emma.  Even my mom told me she had the thought of naming her Ella and that is was so pretty.  This past week, Michael has decided that he wants to name her Ella but now I'm so use to Emma, I don't know what's going to happen!  Haha!  I guess we will name her Ella Emma or vice versa ;)  jk!  But we'll see what she looks like when she gets here :)

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!

No those aren't stretch marks!!  It's just from my clothes getting a little too snug :)  Still dreading the moment when I do get them.  I don't think I've really grown much since the last picture but here is the belly.  I'm getting legit maternity pictures taken August 20th!