Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Photos and Labor & Delivery Details!!!

My WONDERFUL sister Tabitha took all the pictures we have of little Addi :)  And of us!!  She was in the delivery room and caught all those priceless memories THANKFULLY!!!

So now that I have some time I'll fill everyone in on the labor and delivery.  I started having contractions during a movie Wednesday (September 7th).  By Wednesday night, they were as painful as my period cramps use to be but then, I could take some ponstel and be just fine.  I finally fell asleep around 3 AM and woke up Thursday morning with no contractions.  About 2 hours after being awake, they started getting really strong and close together again.  So we packed a bag and headed a day earlier than we had planned to St Augustine.  My midwife hooked me up to the machine and checked me and I was 3 CM.  So we called Michael's mom and she flew in Friday night.  Tab and Ross left us with the kids to go on a anniversary trip so we were in charge of their 3 kids.  Friday and Saturday we spent the whole day at the beach and spent lots and lots of time walking!!  I still had contractions but only one an hour.  By Saturday night, my back started killing me when I would have a contraction so I knew it was coming close to having her.  Especially since my midwife told me that I wouldn't last longer than probably a week.  Sunday I woke up with really bad contractions and really bad back pain so I knew these were real.  Luckily my little sister came with us because she stayed home with the kids (although Dylan stayed the night with a friend!)  We went back to the midwifes office and I was a "good" 4 cm.  So she told me I could go to the hospital or go home and I would definitely have the baby by Monday.  Of course I call my mom to get her advice hehe!!  She told me to just go and get it over with so we headed to the hospital and was admitted at 2 pm.  Here is the really AWESOME part!!  Tab's midwife Gloria had retired so we were going to another lady who was really awesome but I was a little bummed that Gloria wouldn't be delivering my baby.  Well my midwife had an emergency and it just so happened that Gloria (who had started working out of the hospital 2 months ago) was on call (YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  So she got there around 5 pm and Tab had come about 4 pm and was so excited with the news of Gloria and that she didn't miss watching her first niece being born.  Gloria also told me I could go home and would have the baby tomorrow or she could start me on pitocin and get it all going.  So now that I'm in the hospital, of course I want to get this all over with and I want to meet my baby girl!  The epidural man got there at 5:30 pm and then they started me on pitocin!  It was so nice having so much family there because it made it go by so much faster and kept my mind off of all the worries and everything your mind runs through when you are fixing to have a baby!  So about 9:30 pm I was 7 cm and a half hour later, I was 10 cm and felt like I needed to poop!  Well Gloria tells me that we have to wait for the doctor to get here in order to have the baby so we are going to do practice pushes.  Well I didn't push too hard because we needed the doctor so come 10:45 pm, the doctor FINALLY arrives and Michael and Gloria are the ones delivering little Addi.  Well the doc says he's not needed and walked out and it was game on for me!!  I just started pushing away regardless of when the contractions came since Addi's lil head had been playing peek a boo and the stretching was a lil bit painful.  I had a mirror and I broke down the minute I saw her face!  And when those shoulders came out, it was HEAVEN!!  That's all the details on the actual delivery but it was such a smooth delivery, I'd be willing to do that again :)

I want to say it was so nice having family there when I delivered her though!!  I really needed my mom's voice and encouragement when the time came to have Addi.  She was seriously the BEST labor coach I could have asked for!  I would have been freaking out but hearing my mom's voice kept me calm and her reassurance made me want to push even harder and get it over with.  I'm so thankful for my mommy :)  And Michael's mom who also got to be in the room!!  It was a very neat experience needless to say.

After she was born, Adilynn had a 100.1 temperature so they freak out and take her back.  So no one got to hold her which was pretty sad.  I didn't get to see her until 3 hours after I had her and I was freaking out just a little bit!  But they were trying to get an IV in her head (thankfully they failed) and decided to give her antibiotics in her arm because they thought she had bacteria in her blood.  Well come to find out, the blood they took was contaminated and she was perfectly healthy from the beginning!  It was a blessing in disguise since she got bad jaundice 2 days after she was born and had to stay under the bili light for 24 hours.  

Adilynn's birth was an adventure but she is very healthy and we are very thankful for our baby girl!!  We have both been peed on and I got pooped on!  

In the end, we are both definitely still wanting more babies (at least 4) so we weren't scarred :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miss Adilynn Louise!

My sister Tabitha took a few pictures of Addi at the hospital for us! We plan on doing more next Tuesday. She did a wonderful job and I'm so thankful that she was willing to take some for me!!  Thank ya Tabitha :)

 I LOVE her lips :)

 Nana Shirley brought her roses and Tab came up with the cute idea of adding a rose which turned out adorable!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Adilynn Louise Egloff!!!

We have our little girl in our arms!!! FINALLY!!! Our little baby girl was born at 10:59 pm on September 11, 2011. She is the pride and joy of our lives!!! Addi weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces, and was 19 inches long. It was so awesome, because both grandmothers were able to be there for the delivery, along with Tabitha, Ashlynn's sister.

Little Addi, is very alert, and she is a very peaceful baby!!! We literally have not heard her cry besides when she was getting her shots. She is such a good girl!!! She feeds well, and literally has been so easy to handle. Of course I say that now, but when we get home she will make life a little bit harder, its okay, thats what she is supposed to do. We love her so much!!!