Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lounging Around!!

Like I said, she literally can sleep anywhere & anyway!!

Priceless picture!!!

A baby really tests your marriage and makes you realize if you really are meant for each other!  We've come to realize, we're truly in it for the long haul :)

No... we are not driving so don't freak out because there is no seat belt!  I had to get a picture of her cute outfit before we buckled her up and got her in the car :)

How can you not just fall in love with that face????

Happy Halloween!

I was wondering what I was going to do for Addi's halloween costume and at my baby shower my mom got her a onesie that says "Princess in Training" and my sis Shannon made her a tutu that happened to be the same colors as a onesie so baby Addi is a princess!  I still need to take better pictures of her though!!

Wednesday night my home ward did a fall festival so Michael dressed up as a Jaguar fan and I went as a big baby along with my lil sis!  So we were twin big babies!!  (secretly I've wanted a footsie pj outfit for YEARS!  but they were always so expensive and they finally sale them at wal-mart and needless to say I was as excited as a kid at Christmas!!  yes i know, I'll secretly always be a kid at heart :)  )

I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world<3

YES, they even had feet :)  YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!

My lil sis and I are starting to get really close and I absolutely love getting to know her more!


1 Month Old!!

Our families didn't lie when they told us that our lives would completely change and that having alone time would be something you had to make time for!  But we couldn't love it anymore than we do :)  Yes, things have been crazy and we had no idea what we were getting in to, but after a month, we have come to figure this whole parent thing out.

Adilynn has GERD which has been really hard to adjust to since she was such a perfect little baby the first 2-3 weeks.  Then all the sudden it was crying ALL THE TIME!  She was one of those babies you couldn't wait to give back to their mom but I am her mom so I couldn't pass her on ;)  She has gotten a whole lot better the past few days and we've really started to enjoy her.  She looks up at us and smiles and it just melts our hearts!!  She talks to us a lot and we think she's going to have such a cute voice!  We just love watching her facial expressions and all the cute little things she does! 

Adilynn can now hold her head up by herself for a couple of minutes!  She can't be still for even a second.  Even when i feed her she's either rubbing me with her hand or her little feet are rubbing me and she flexes those Smallwood toes out!  She cracks me up!  She's also starting to fight her sleep sometimes because I guess staring at lights is better than sleep.  She sleeps about 6 hours through the night every couple of days which is so nice for Michael and I!  A swing would benefit us but none of the people we try to buy one from on Craigslist has worked out.  We learned to hold her in a new way and she seems to really love it!  Pics of Michael holding her that way soon :)  She slobbers all over him but she'll even sleep when he holds her that way!  It's a good work out too because my arm is sore today from holding her that way for a half hour yesterday (get exercise anyway you can right??)   I walk while holding her so I get an arm workout as well as a leg workout!  

We just love her big yawns!

Her hats are still a little big for her head but she's sooo CUTE!

She can sleep in the most uncomfortable positions!!!

Waiting for our cousin Rand to get off the plane from serving his 2 year mission!

Addi giving daddy kisses :)

Haha her cute toes!!

Tired parents...

Addi sucking her thumb for the first time(since the hosptial)!!!

Our little angel is getting big already :)  We're enjoying her because she's the only baby coming from us!!  (at least we say that now hehe)