Monday, January 23, 2012


Today I realized that in 6 months from now, I will be walking across BYU-I stage getting my diploma (hopefully with an internship lined up!)  I have a million people to be thankful for.  First off, my parents.  They have supported me through ALL of it!  I remember calling my dad crying because I failed my first test and him calming me and reassuring me everything was ok.  I called my mom on countless times with my "boy" problems and everything else you call your mama for.  They helped me with my finances and kept me out of debt thus far in my life.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I am speechless for all the many things they have done for me and I will never be able to repay them for everything.  I hope I can do the same for my baby(ies).

Secondly, my sweet, sweet husband who has been a trooper through all of this.  I have wanted to give up so many times and he always tells me that he will never not let me reach my dreams. Especially graduating from college.  I owe him big time for this!  I'm so thankful for him being a Mr. Mom and taking caring of Adilynn so I can reach my goal.  It means the world to me!  He is my reason to smile and I love going home to the two of them everyday.  Those two are now my motivation.  I want my baby to be proud of me!

I had 3 major dreams that I didn't want to leave this earth without fulfilling.  Getting a degree from BYU-I, getting married in the Temple and starting a family.  It seems surreal that in 6 months they will have all come true.  I owe so much to my Heavenly Father who has helped me so much!  Especially through my deathly ill pregnancy.  Needless to say, thank you to all my supporters who have always encouraged me and reassured me that everything was going to me ok.  "Worry is a lack of faith."  I truly believe that statement because 1. everything happens for a reason and 2. it will all work out how it needs to.  So have faith :)  Dreams come true!  Parents know what they are talking about!  And love as much as you can.  And the most important thing I've learned...  make time for the important things, everyone has a "busy" life but you only have one family and one memory that will stay with you for a lifetime.  So make time for those memories  Because in the end... we all die.  Make the best of what you have and make time for the people you love!

And Daddy thank you for writing me a letter many years ago and telling me to shoot for the moon and if I don't make it, at least I'll land in the stars.  It's a constant reminder that hard work pays off and nothing that's worth something is easy.

I LOVE YOU MOMMY AND DADDY AND MICHAEL AND ADILYNN =)  And everyone of my supporters!!  I couldn't have done this without any of you!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Addi & Rice Cereal!

She loved her cuz when she fed her!

So the doctor told us we should feed her rice cereal with a spoon so she'll get use to eating food that way when she hits 6 months, she'll be use to it.  Well we attempted...

She liked the taste of the bib her Aunt Cassie got her more than the rice cereal!

Soooo CUTE!!  Rice cereal was EVERYWHERE :)

Every bite he fed her, she had to spit it out and feel it with her fingers and then she would nibble a little bit on it.

All of it went EVERYWHERE!!!

Yummy bib =)

Haha she didn't like the taste very much!

Clean up time =)

Needless to say, we'll stick with the bottle and breast feeding for now.  She didn't want much to do with eating with a spoon yet!  We're so glad Aunt T gave her all the spoons so we didn't have to buy any when she is a little more interested =)


So Miss Adilynn doesn't know what to think of strangers.  When she sees them from a distance she is bright-eyed and smiling but the minute a stranger tries to hold her, she is one very unhappy camper!  So my cousin Brittanie has been over for 3 Sundays in a row and today Miss Princess decided to give her stamp of approval.  Aww how sweet??  Love that cousinly love =)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Videos of Adilynn!

You need to be a friend of mine on Facebook in order to see these I think. Anyways, we absolutely LOVE this baby girl!  So thankful Heavenly Father trusted us to take care of her :)  She is such a huge blessing in our lives!!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Adilynn is 4 months old!

4 months has FLOWN by to say the least!  Miss Adilynn Louise is now 11 pds 7 ounces and 24 1/2 inches long.  Growing so fast!  Adilynn has learned to grab things and shove them in her mouth.  She still has a little work on the grasping part but she has really taken an interest on it.  She is always attempting to grab and do everything we do.  She loves chewing the straws on our water bottles because we use them.  One time she got cold water out of it and she didn't like that!  She is very outspoken (as outspoken as you can be without actually knowing how to talk) and will let us know exactly how she feels.  We are her entertainers and if we aren't doing a good job, she squeals until we get better.  She loves when we make goofy faces or throw a dance party (well it's really just me dancing and michael laughing at me) but anyways it's pretty cute!  We just fall in love with her more everyday!  Her feet have still not grown.  She has only actually laughed twice in her life.  She opens her mouth wide and smiles and we get all excited thinking she will let out a laugh but it never happens.  Well except twice.  She still has her beautiful blue eyes and she has gotten so tall!  As a bedtime routine, we read her a bed time story  and she loves it!  It also prevents the huge fit she use to throw every time we laid her in her crib.  Last night we showed her a picture of Jesus Christ and she got so excited and started smiling and talking to him.  It was such a neat thing!  We can't wait to see what this month has in store for her :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Yesterday was full of adventures.  Figure I'll just bring up one :)

We went to Wal-Mart.  Of course we got there as they were getting busy.  I had tons of coupons and we so happened to pick a line with an old man (thanks Michael) anyways, he couldn't get one coupon to work so we finally just said to forget it (planned on going to talk to customer service) and right at that moment Adilynn decides to poot.  It wasn't just a little poot.  It was this mainly sounding fart and she was completely still.  I knew she was pooping now!  Luckily no one was too close so they couldn't hear.  Well I'm now laughing at her.  While this poor old guy who is struggling with the coupons and Michael is shaking his head and telling me to stop laughing.  I go to change her in the bathroom (my first time doing this) she had poop all the way up to her NECK!  Seriously!  Poop is now EVERYWHERE!  All over my hands, all over her, all over her changing pad, all over the white thing that I put under the changing pad.  I mean EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!  So I start taking off her clothes (of course we didn't have extras and it's snowing outside)  luckily it didn't hit her jacket or sweatpants.  Just got all over her onesie.  Long story short, we survived our first explosive diaper in Wal-mart.  I really hope that never happens again :)

She was looking so cute yesterday!!  Love this little stinker :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Adilynn Update!

Her first laugh!!  I kept kissing her neck (she doesn't really have one of those) and she would crack up!  Tried to video it but of course it wasn't funny to her anymore once we broke out the camera.

She cracks us up!

Love this look!!

Adilynn is the happiest baby!!  She's very nosey and loves to be able to see everything!  She was sleeping when we went to Sushi Rock for the last time in FL and she woke up immediately when we turned off the car and was fine in her carseat until the guy came over and started cooking on the hibachi grill.  Then she fussed until we got her out and once she saw where the noise was coming from she was fine.  She stared at the guy the whole time he cooked.  It was HILARIOUS!!  We just love this little girl so much!!!  She now weighs 12.5 pds and is 23 inches long.  She smiles a lot and loves being the center of attention.  She likes sitting in your lap but she wants to sit up on her own.  She doesn't like resting her back on people.  So it's kind of awkward holding her and you need both your hands to hold her so you can't really do much.  She found her left index finger and she sucks that more than a pacifier.

We struggled for a few weeks with breastfeeding but we are starting to get back on track.  Hopefully with me starting school we can still keep it up!!

The Move!

 So this was probably one of the biggest adventures thus far with Addi!

Just to start out, we had so much stuff we couldn't get it all to fit.  So my dad gave us the idea of packing things in boxes that we didn't need right now and if ended up needing later, they could ship them for us.  So we started to re-pack that way and got a lot done.  We FINALLY fit everything in.  Except my canvas of Adilynn.  Yes, I'm still upset about that!  haha!  Anyway, we had 2 carry-ons that rolled (THANK GOODNESS,) two back-packs, and Adilynn's diaper bag.  1 back-pack weighed 30 pds.  The other roughly 20.  The 2 carry-ons were 25 pds and the diaper bag was 20 pds.  I also had Addi in the bjourn.  Needless to say, it was an adventure!  We go through security and they had to check my hands for chemicals (still don't get that???) and decided they needed to check the 30 pd back-pack.  The guy lifts it up and says, "If this thing has anything else added to it you're going to need a forklift to carry it around the airport for you!"  haha!  then he goes through the bag and asks us if we are candy junkies (notice the pics below in the christmas blog with our candy from santa)  anyways, we were both laughing by the end of that!  Addi was a trooper the whole first plane.  We laid her on the table thing and she slept some of the time and had some tummy time but my the last 10 minutes, she was ready to get off the plane so she pitched a fit.  Well, we have lots of stuff to get off this plane along with a screaming baby while everyone is staring at us.  So fun!  Well, we managed it somehow. The second plane she just slept the whole time which was so nice!!

She LOVES her index finger!  Only the left one

The drive to Rexburg was stress-free as well.  She slept and when we hit Rexburg, all the sudden we hear her talking to us and when we turned the car off she started to cry (only b/c she was hungry.)

Playing peek-a-boo with her all bundled up!

This is all she did the first day we started moving in.  We were so very thankful for this!

This was the first daddy Michael was being Mr. Mom.  Such a happy girl :)

Her first night in her crib!  She slept for 10 hours and I had to go in there and wake her up (since I had school and needed to feed her!)  

She sat in this for a lil while watching Dora while we unpacked.

She loves the mobile Aunt T got her and that index finger lol

Pictures soon once we get all our stuff unpacked.  Still living out of our suitcase from FL.  TGIAS  (Thank Goodness It's Almost Saturday!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR :)  Hope your new year started out great!!!!

Adilynn's First Christmas

Christmas was great this year!  We lounged around and ate LOTS of food!  Spent time with family and everyone gave Addi all their sugar to last them for a while.  

As you can see, she LOVED Santa haha! 

At our Church Christmas party.

So sweet :)

So we had to wake Addi up and she was not in the mood for the whole Christmas stuff.

As you can see by her face, she was thinking "give me milk and let me go back to sleep!"  haha

Laying on Aunt Shannon

Family pics.

The cousins!  They are roughly 2 months apart.  Love these two!!

Santa came!!!  Addi's great grandparents got her all the gifts!

Such a cutie!

Her bib from Grandma!

Notice the santa shoes :)  hehe she cracks us up!