Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adilynn is 5 months old!

This post is a little late but better late than never right???  There is sooooooo much stuff Adilynn has started doing so where to begin?  Well she still absolutely LOVES baby einsteins and will stare at those movies ALL DAY LONG!  So that gives us a break to get things done!

Watching a movie with mom!

Bath time is her absolute FAVORITE time of the day!  There is a video on facebook of her excitement but she's just soo CUTE! She kicks her legs and just freaks!

She has always got her fingers in her mouth so it's prob a good thing she gets a daily bath :)  She's such a priss pot with those crossed legs!

She loves giving kisses <3

Time for church!

She was so sick this past week but still such a happy baby!

Always screaming about something!

This is her face she makes when daddy says "I'm gonna get your belly!"

They are so CUTE together!

Wearing her Juicy Couture outfit her cousins got her!

Chewing on her clothes like her Uncle Bubba use to do when he was little!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Update on Adilynn:  She now weighs 14 pounds and 2 ounces and is 26 inches long!  She still loves her left index finger and goes to sleep with it in her mouth and usually just always has it in her mouth!  The other day I got so excited when I saw her chewing on her thumb but then she slipped her finger back in her mouth :(  Oh well it's still so cute!  She is always smiling and we'll hear her talking in the morning in her crib and we'll go check on her and she'll look up and just smile at us.  She can make any bad day of mine, awesome!  She hardly ever cries unless there is something she wants/needs.  She LOVES being the center of attention and she's always squealing about something!  She goes to bed between 7-8 and wakes up around 8-9 AM.  What a perfect baby (sleep wise) ;) She randomly rolls over but today she actually started purposely rolling over!  We had to go back in her room twice since she's a belly sleeper and she kept flipping on her back and couldn't go to sleep.  Silly baby!

I honestly couldn't picture my life without her and I don't know what Michael and I did before her.  She has seriously over-taken our lives but we wouldn't want it any other way.  Adilynn Louise is our hearts and we can't get enough of her dramatic little self!

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