Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I always thought women were so crazy to forget about labor and how painful it was (especially the pregnancy part for me.)  Well 5 months later, now that Adilynn is so stinkin ADORABLE and seriously the funniest baby I've ever met, I want another one.  I guess after all that barfing, (bright side: I lost some weight) pain, being just plum miserable, losing sleep, etc, etc...  It was completely 100% totally worth it!  Just seeing her smile and watching her learn new things and grab my face and open her mouth wide to give me a slobbery kiss makes all of it so easy to go through.  I couldn't imagine my life without that sweet baby!  What a wonderful Spirit God blessed me with!  She's already taught me so much...  Ok ok I'm going to stop crying now.  I just wanted to let everyone know after all my "I'm NEVER doing this again", in a few years, I will be :)  And I'll probably say all that stuff all over again and eventually change my mind again haha!!  Crazy what we'll go through for a sweet, innocent baby.  It just better be a boy ;)

Adilynn's update coming this weekend!!!!!!

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