Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Addi is 7 months old!

Well this month was CRAZY!  Finals and family and traveling all in 2 weeks.  My parents came up Tues during the week of finals and we met them in Teton Village and had a blast driving around searching for animals!  Then we turned around and flew to Missouri for a week so Addi could meet some of daddy's family!  

Addi has been such a trooper and loved it (well, most of it!)  Here are some pictures!

She didn't like snow!

Aunt Cass and her loved feeding time as you can see!

One of the CUTE outfits from Nana!

Addi really liked her Uncle Tom!

So much that she took a nap on him!

She LOVED the toy grandma got her!

Her gift from Grandpa.  LOVE!

On to Addi being 7 months old now....

 Doesn't she just melt your heart?  I just love her so much!

Addi can now sit up on her own (when she wants to.)  She sits up a lot more when she has a couch to lean back up against when she gets tired.  She is seriously one of the happiest babies I've ever met!  She hated strangers until now.  I guess being around so much family she grew to be ok with them.  Now anyone who looks her way and smiles, she does to.  She says "ma-ma" all the time although she really doesn't know what she's saying, I LOVE hearing that sweet word.  She has developed so much more being around family than she had this whole month.  Maybe seeing other people around got her more comfortable with herself? No clue!  But she still can't roll from her back to her belly haha!  She gets up on her knees a lot now but just face plants in to the ground (she hasn't figured out how to hold her arms just yet.)  Oh and because so many people have waved bye to her, she now will wave bye!  It's so funny to watch her because when you start waving your hand, she'll stare at it and then move her hand like that then get all excited and look up and smile.  She still fits in newborn shoes but has upgraded to bigger socks than what we had.  Guess the shoes are just huge?!  I'm ok with that though because Nana bought her some super cute ones!

She also did wonderful on all 4 flights!  She slept most of them but thank heavens for baby mum-mums because that made her content when she was awake!

 No idea on her weight and height but I will jump on that :)

Addi's First Easter!

This Easter was so much fun!  This was the first Easter that my parents had went without cooking a huge dinner.  Instead, we ate at Olive Garden on our way to hop on airplanes.  My family came to visit (post on that in a few) and we flew to Missouri to visit Michael's.  

The cute Easter Dress nana bought her!  LOVE!!  She's ALWAYS sucking her index finger lol!

Her new smile when she thinks something is really funny!

Off to Missouri!

I still need to take a picture of all the gift from her Nana & Papa.  They got her cute outfits and a really nice bib!  This is what she got from her Missouri family!  Spoiled rotten baby!