Sunday, May 13, 2012

8 Months!

WoW!  This was a super fast month!  She has daddy wrapped around her finger!  They are two peas in a pod and hilarious together! I love coming home on my bike and hearing them playing through the window.  I don't get to see her very much this semester because I'm taking 6 classes and my life is so crazy and it's hard but she melts my heart the few hours I do get to see her a day!

Adilynn is now 17 pds and 27 inches long.  She can get up on her arms and knees but doesn't move anywhere.  She just rocks back and forth.  She loves doing the worm and she moves backwards when she does it so that's as far as she goes with being mobile.  I know crawling is coming soon (tear...)  hopefully I'm home when she does for the first time!  She has the craziest smile and she pants like a dog when she makes the smile.  She  LOVES this baby doll her Aunt T got her and my Aunt Tami got her one of those blankets with a baby head and she has to sleep with it every night.  She sleeps with something on her face and she has to have something in her hand as she sucks her index finger.  She still fits in newborn shoes lol!  Here are some pics:

So Michael keeps saying all the time "I don't know where she gets this look from!"  (this is that crazy smile)

I'd say him :)

We are FINALLY getting her to hold her own bottle.  It's been 2 days but so far, she's doing a good job!

She LOVES to FaceTime!  We FaceTime almost everyday with Aunt Shanny!

She has fell in love with Dora!  There is a HILARIOUS video on my Facebook!  She FREAKS whenever that show is on and will watch the whole thing.  It cracks us up!

She has recently found her feet and is always eating them!

Seriously my favorite little girl!

I made her some little booties as well as a bapron and sleeper.

Happy 8 months Adilynn!!!!!

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